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Run All

A clear path through the exploration of latent diffusion is not so quick and easy. Dive in to the deep end without a map and it can all be a bit overwhelming. Better to be well equipped with timely insights that chronicle what's worked for community researchers who have walked these underlit roads before you. You might just side step a few of the more frustrating pitfalls along the way.

Before we start synthesizing the next great works of art, commerce, and culture, let's cover a few basics.

Looking to get started right away? AI Tools & Resources from Pharmapsychotic has been a helpful resource to many of us. You can skip to a quick taste of hands on experience of prompt slinging at DreamStudio, Artbreeder, NightCafe, Photoleap, and many more. Nothing better for a new artist in any medium than to get a feel for the kind of instruments you'll be using.

But, we think you'll find messing with simple bits of prompts thrown together in a semi-random way only gets you so far. It can get underwhelming before you know it.

You'll soon want a stronger dose of the real stuff – like what you can find in many community sourced Google Colab notebooks. Read more about prompt engineering, modifiers, artist combinations, weights, and how to tweak a wide variety of settings to get much better results.

If you're ready to go deeper still into everything yet to be discovered about what makes art good, how we use technology (or are consumed by it), and relate to each other through it, you're in good company here. The endless imaginarium ahead awaits us all.