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Why DIY?

Why DIY?

We are working so that the AI that helps us maximise our potential is open and owned by all, not centralised and feeding on us.

Emad Mostaque

Centralized AI is itself unethical. Real inclusion isn’t putting fake people of multiple races in a centralized AI, it’s giving real people of all backgrounds equal access to decentralized AI.

Balaji Srinivasan

Universal access to mechanisms that light up our potential to create, own, and use the most mundane and spectacular aspects of our lives. Until recently, it was more theory than practice.

We are all inheritors of many revolutions in shared knowledge and open access, hard fought and barely won. "Standing on the shoulders of giants" we build to a new cusp, at a pace that seems to be measured in days or quicker now, open source image synthesis research offers the practical capacity to run not just our own creative diffusion machines on other people's hardware and their relatively inexpensive platforms (for now), but increasingly even to run openly shared notebooks and models on our own machine to machine open hardware, OS, and monetization stacks.

With freedom in sight from the countless hours of work frequently evaporated when proprietary systems pull the plug again, why would we leave our creativity bound entirely by yesterday's titans and their centralized patterns for even one millisecond longer?