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Community Research
The OS Art of Spellcrafting

The OS Art of Spellcrafting

In a sense, our prompts are search requests in latent multiversal space, the model zeroes in on the request through vector search, and in these images we are “remotely viewing” an alternate reality where whatever we asked for exists - and then we tune our parameters to see it better much like we tune aperture and shutter speed in conventional cameras.
Multiverse Not Metaverse_

Everything not saved will be lost. Our worlds are run by interfaces, machine code, and APIs. If you can't own, operate, and evolve the zeroes and ones that make them hum – through instruments that are guaranteed to be open – how can you expect anythinig of value to still be there for you when you need it?

Here we share skills, insights, challenges, and earstwhile knowledge to defend against the inevitable coming of the darkness that is information decay. How well we can search through the adjascent and latent information spaces surrounding us, defines us and the limits of our creative potential.

In the following dedicated sections, open source community research practice and contribute to ongoing scholarship that feels like spellcraft. Draw from and give back to this well of knowhow, advancing novel crowdsourced findings in Prompts, Mods, Weights, Training, Synths, and Specs.