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Community Research


Modifiers, or mods, are groupings of one to a few keywords at a time, often comma separated, added to your prompt that ...modify... the main gist of where you're guiding synth results.

Here you can find, test, and contribute to a frequently updated collection of mods from the image synthesis research community at large. You can also find mods alongside image samples showcasing previous results on Lexica and Libraire.

Mods involve a lot of nuance and inside perspective gained from many repeated attempts. For more in depth experience with which mods can really spice up your image synth quality in both intended and unexpected ways, the best thing to do is to start talking with other synthesists by following them on social media or / and joining communities where the comparative merits of countless mods are discussed at length.

In the same vein, the study of artists, genres, and their characteristic styles is in itself a subset of mod scholarship.

You can find, test, and contribute to a wide range of artist case studies in many of the guides collected here.